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Unlock Your Potential, Design Your Future

Most people do not know this is a real possibility.

No matter what’s happened in the past, the childhood which wasn’t as good as it should have been, the bad choices made etc.  We can learn to change how we think, feel, our habits and influence our future to make dreams come true.

Let's start now, we'd be daft not to!


Maureen Fearon is a behavioural and emotional expert based in Stockport, UK with over 30 years experience guiding and developing others. A fully qualified therapy specialist, trainer, motivational speaker, inspiring others to change and enhance their results and overcome the unwanted challenges of life.

Maureen works with a wide variety of people, young and older, plus businesses and schools. She works with individuals to increase confidence, increase skills influencing others, public speaking, overcome trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, depression, anxieties, stress and much more. As a leading NLP trainer she is thrilled to pass on the secrets of self-management and also features weekly on BBC Radio stations across the nation, often referred to as "The Love Guru" for her expertise on relationships, dating and love issues.

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Shoo: The Destructive Demon Within

By Maureen Fearon

A story we can all learn from and valuable insights into behaviour and the damage it can do to us. Also how to repair damage and get over the slaps of life.
Let's design our best future! 
Already proven positively life-changing for many.


Warning: This book may seriously improve self-worth!

We are programmable.
We can reprogram.
What unhelpful programs would you like to stop?

Training & Consultancy

Corporate Training


Designed to make a noticeable difference in performance, moral, behavioural change and team building.
Programs and events designed for each workplace. More organisations wisely realise that training and behavioural change as well as emotional management is key to maximising human resources.

Example problems: 

  • Confidence Mastery

  • Leadership Skills

  • Motivational Appraising

  • Conflict Management

  • Change Management

  • Workplace NLP

  • Myers Briggs Profiling

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Loss & bereavement

  • Mindfulness Plus

  • Managing Meetings

  • Presenting Skills

  • Team Building

  • Recruitment

  • Interview Skills

  • Negotiating Mastery



Neuro Linguistic Programming has transformed world leaders, sports champions and corporate directors. It is widely used by organisations to develop people, manage change and build their most successful business. NLP is dynamic in self-discovery, improving relationships, and self-management which is why NLP is so well regarded around the world.

Neuro Linguistic Programming:

  • Diploma

  • Practitioner

  • Education

  • Workplace


"In 2004 this was the best investment I made in myself to begin my journey as a coach and relationship specialist. I didn't expect much as my experience in workplace training had not been a good. NLP was life changing for me and fuels my enthusiasm to show others the way to achieve their goals and make the personal changes which enhance life."


Maureen Fearon,

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer


Individual Consultancy


One to one working can be the best fast track way to resolve challenges and improve performance. The best methods for the fastest quality results are used so that clients resolve issues faster than expected as well as achieve goals. Energy psychology can have instant long lasting success gently and without lengthy story telling of the problem(s).

Solutions for:  

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Management Training

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-confidence

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Presenting Skills

  • Sleep Disorder

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Emotional Upset

  • Bereavement

  • Addiction

  • Relationship Issues

  • Interview Skills

  • Managing Meetings

  • Public Speaking & Presenting

  • Eating disorders

  • Weight Loss


Bespoke, Fun & Engaging Methods

 Sharing the simple ways to get to the root of issues can be nicely surprising when we get results fast. What discomforts do you have that would be good to stop? e.g. asking for a pay rise, presenting, speaking in a meeting, dealing with conflict, interviews, negotiating, managing people, asking for things, managing challenging situations and much more. I love to share this knowledge especially with young people guiding them to design their best future, no matter the start in life they have.


“Maureen is a great trainer and therefore a brilliant resource for us to support our development aims.  Maureen is not only extremely knowledgeable but inspirational with an amazing quality to put people at their ease and therefore in a fantastic learning mindset.   I would personally recommend Maureen to any company."

Claire Gallagher, HR & Development Manager

“I agree with Maureen, change thinking and you can manage your weight easily. For many, weight loss is a painful struggle. Maureen is inspirational and passionate about helping people change. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her belief that people can become what they want no matter their starting point is great encouragement and the support people need to be changing their lives.”


Dr Chris Steele MBE

mo coaching.jpg

I didn’t think it was possible to so quickly get dating and I am pleased to say that within weeks I had the confidence to start dating and two ladies later I am in love and life is great. We have also become engaged and I am happier than I ever believed possible. To be honest, I didn’t believe Maureen when she told me I was a catch and a beautiful relationship was out there for me, but she was right. My message is give it a try, what have you to lose?"

Feedback as Love Guru and Relationship Specialist

What goals have you not conquered yet?
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