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Upcoming Events & Workshops

Check out some of the upcoming events that I am running below. Please get in touch for bookings: 


0161 291 1786  |  07901 675726 

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Wednesday Mornings 2024

Coaching Skills 9.30am - Noon

Unleash your coaching power!

Join Our Exclusive Meetup and

Unlock Your Full Potential
- Be a Coach or Find One!
- Make progress on your goals

- Find clarity

- Learn from and with others

Are you eager to develop your skills or seeking expert guidance?


Discover the art of coaching, connect with other coaches, and explore opportunities for personal growth.


What's in store for you?

🔹 Interactive Workshops

🔹 Expert Coaching strategies

🔹 Q&A Sessions

🔹 Networking Opportunities


Don't miss this chance to transform your life through the strategies of effective  coaching!

For aspiring coaches and those seeking guidance. Reserve your spot now, register for Free today!

Hear from a previous attender:

"It was better than I thoughts. Have been inspired by others and was good to get back to the coaching mindset. Loved working on the two goals I have  neglected. Look forward to the next one. It was seriously helpful"



Free To Newcomers

On Line 


Saturday 21st April 2024

NLP Masters 9.30am - 4.30pm

Taking behavioural understanding and personal transformation to the elite level.  Deciphering what is going on in the world through language patterns and exploring the meta intention.

Working with Advanced NLP Submodality Interventions and fine-tuned subliminal influencing skills, integrating NLP skills in for positive change and excellence in not just ourselves, but others too. 


Master sessions are a rare opportunity to converse with peers with a high level of behavioural understanding with a winning focus. Engineering transformations, creatively resolving problems in a relaxed style and have great fun too. 

Completed NLP Practitioner Training required to meet the standards of the Master level

These are stand alone learning days only £120 per day Inc lunch

Manchester Venue

Speaking with confidence.png

Wednesday 28th February 2024

Presenters Prowess 1pm - 4pm

Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills and can enjoy presenting 

Are you ready to conquer "The Stage" and captivate any audience? Join our dynamic online workshop to supercharge your public speaking skills.

You might be shocked to know how many people are terrified when it comes to speaking to a group, presenting to, or performing before  an audience. It is a choice when you know what this event will share with you.


Workshop Highlights:

🎯 Expert Coaching

🎤 Speech Crafting Tips

📢 Methods to Stop Stage Fright

🎁 Practice Exercises
🌱 Improvising Techniques

🤝 Networking Opportunities


Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, this event is your chance to shine!


Don't let fear hold you back! Instead hone your public speaking prowess and boost your career prospects.

Speak with confidence, impact, and influence others!

It is fascinating to discover how we can reprogram our mindfor success, cultivate positive habits, and unleash your true potential.

Book your spot today!


£49 Includes Manual

On Line


Tuesday 26th February 2024

Workshop  11a- 1pm

Want good confidence in 2024?
Is it time to benefit from more inner confidence and feel great?

Whether you feel your confidence “has gone” or never had it, the good news is that you can repair and create robust confidence.

Quality confidence has many benefits. Picture you, constantly feeling good, believing in yourself, resourceful and able to handle unexpected situations with ease and comfort? You can.

Learn to feel great and enjoy how beautiful confidence feels.

How good would life be?

Imagine the benefits?

"I was an expert in doing anxiety, worry was in overload! NO MORE! No calling in sick!  My health has improved too. Its the best thing I ever did, and to think I nearly didn't go! "

Hear how you can transform your  confidence you want. 


£29 including workbook  

On Line 

NLP Diploma.png

Saturday 9th March 2024

Diploma 9.30am - 4.30pm

An opportunity to learn what leaders, highly successful athletes, and top performers are taught for success, self management and recover from the challenges of life. Want to learn the strategies to achieve excellence and create your best performance in life?

This is a 5 day certificated course  (1 day every 2 weeks)  

Developing the "know how" for personal change,  setting and achieving goals, self coaching and therapy methods. 

Learn communication secrets and  proven strategies for success.

Powerful self discovery, learning influencing skills, know others tick at a deeper level as well as achieving ongoing successes. ​

"It makes so much sense and I am more adaptable in challenging situations to achieve what is best for me! Love being in a goal achieving zone too"  

Curious about your potential?  what is behind human behaviour, the reasons people say and do what they do and want the best for yourself in life, NLP may be your wisest choice.  

"NLP's such a valuable asset in my working with people, helping them to get their best results. It started with the diploma"

 5 Days Only


£120 Per Session day inc. manual 

Manchester Venue

NLP Prac 2022c.png

Saturday 2nd March 2024

Practitioner 9.30am - 4.30pm

Don't blame NLP for positively transforming you and how you perform in life!

Now beyond the diploma gives

elite understanding of how we operate at a deeper level, win more, become an expert. This is life enhancing learning, using personal change methods and goal progression.

Imagine the benefits of constantly working on your goals, big and small. Stop what holds us back, halt past hurts risking the present and the future. Gain control by learning more influencing skills whilst staying a nice person. It’s a must for those wanting the best results in life and with others. Who doesn't want to be their best?

Fascinating learning and a variety of  techniques for self mastery.


It is relaxed and  fun learning with personal progression throughout.

£120 per day inc. lunch and refreshments.

15 day program with certification and celebration day included.

Manchester Venue

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