Upcoming Events & Workshops

Check out some of the upcoming events that I am running below. Please get in touch for bookings: 


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Monday 27th September 2021

Introduction 7pm to 9.00pm

Ever wondered why people rave over "NLP" and call it life changing?

Do you want to be your best you? Interested in knowing how we "operate?" Few are aware that we're programmable. We can change to get what we want and achieve life goals. This is an opportunity to see if NLP learning is for you. FREE Event

 Access to Zoom video calling is required.

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Sunday 3rd October 2021

NLP Diploma 9.30am - 1.30pm

There are nine on-line sessions, (would be 5 full days in the classroom) developing the "know how" for personal change, goal achievement, coaching and therapy methods 

Powerful self discovery, learning influencing skills, understanding how we and others tick at a deeper level as well as achieving ongoing successes. 


Access to Zoom video calling is required.

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Sunday 10th October 2021

EFT Level 1 9.30am to 4.30pm

Introducing EFT for self working. 

EFT is a highly effective method for a wide range of issues from emotional, anxiety, reducing physical pain to exam success.

The first of two foundational sessions for those wanting to progress to become a practitioner. 

Access to Zoom is required.


Sunday 25th September 2021

NLP Taster 10am - Noon

An ideal opportunity to see and hear what others have found life changing in many ways. Understand how we actually operate. The power we have once we know to  manage our mind, emotions, reactions to people and events. FREE Event


A  journey to personal excellence, self discovery. Make the changes so we achieve the success we want. 

 Access to Zoom is required.


Saturday 25th September2021

Confidence Day 9.30am-4pm

Confidence is the key to so much!

Whether your confidence “has gone” or  you never had it!

Good news: you can repair and create robust confidence.


Constantly feel good, believe in yourself, be resourceful and deal with unexpected situations with control and comfort, because you can. Learn and explore the methods to have as much as you would like.


Manchester Venue - Face to face


Saturday 23rd October 2021

NLP Master Day10am - 4pm

Elite level understanding of communication and dynamic personal change. Fine tuning skills for success.

Exploring how we can rewire even more of the mind and change behaviour. Using influencing language at a subliminal level for success with others. Gain what we set out to achieve and unexpected benefits. 

For Practitioners and Master levels.


Manchester Venue