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Check out some of the upcoming events that I am running below. Please get in touch for bookings: 


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Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Introduction 10am to 12 Noon

Ever wondered why people rave over "NLP" & call it life changing?​

Do you want to be your best you? Interested in knowing how we "operate?" Few are aware that we're programmable. We can change to get what we want and achieve life goals. This is an opportunity to see if NLP learning is for you. FREE Event

"I have been doing NLP with Maureen for years and it’s one of the most influential things in my life and has helped me in countless areas of my life!"

"It's so revealing! What I notice now amazes me. I'm on Diploma day 3 and its already empowering  me in work situations! I negotiated a pay rise I didn't know I could!"

 Access to Zoom video required.

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Saturday 27th August 2022

NLP Diploma 9.30am - 4.30pm

The first of 5 days, developing the "know how" for personal change, goal achievement, coaching and therapy methods. 

Learn the communication secrets and  proven strategies for creating success.

Powerful self discovery, learning influencing skills, understanding how we and others tick at a deeper level as well as achieving ongoing successes. 
£120 Per day inc. lunch, refreshments.

"Only 3 days in and I have got unexpected results. I'm useful in situations which I'd have froze or done the wrong thing! Noticing how people talk is amazing. As Maureen says there are "clues." My eyes have been opened. Wow! Who knew!"  

Manchester Venue
M23 Close to the A5103

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Saturday 20th August 2022

Therapy Skills 10am to 5pm

Emotional health is mental health, feelings are emotions.

We can take control and dictate our mental health, no matter what life throws at us.

Are you keen to know how to self-manage and/or help others in simple, safe, effective ways? We all have issues which can be problematic at certain times.


Anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, low self esteem etc. are changeable states. You will learn in simple terms about the emotional system, which influences all we do as well as a variety of proven techniques for highly effective change.
This active training, shows how to work instantly on a problem. You will learn strategies for good mental health.

Part one of the two day course

L1EFT Certificate on completion

Manchester Venue £120 per day

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Wednesday 10th & 17 Aug 2022

Heal Anxiety 6.30pm to 9.30pm

The TRUTH about anxiety and stress. It can be a thing of the past, depending on what you do. If you want and are ready to use proven effective ways to  change how the mind / body responds to situations, this is for you, no matter your starting point. 

Imagine designing how you want to feel instead? Calm, resourceful, feeling safe, dissolving self doubt, having control in a safe and beautiful way? It is a choice when you have the know how. This is a fun, learning and practice day, designed to stop unwanted thoughts and feelings. 

How good would life be?

Imagine the benefits?

"I was an expert in doing anxiety, worry was in overload! NO MORE! No calling in sick!  My health has improved too. Its the best thing I ever did, and to think I nearly didn't go!. "

Manchester Venue 


Saturday 3rd September 2022

Confidence Day 9.30am to 5pm

A whole day focused on changing confidence. Where would you like to be more confidence? What situations would be better with you feeling comfortable and empowered. 


There are many ways to stop the ways people are unconfident. Many simple strategies for self-working too. This workshop will last a life time.  


"I wish I had known all this when I was a teenager. it would have helped throughout my career, negotiations and making the right choices. In relationships, we can attract the good and stand up to the challenging ones. A gift that keeps on giving is Confidence!


As well as learning, self change, attenders will enjoy transforming to improved levels of confidence.

CPD Certificate 

Manchester Venue £99 Per Day

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Saturday 10th September 2022

Practitioner 9.30am - 4.30pm

Develop beyond the diploma.


Understand how we operate at a deeper level. Life changing learning, using personal change methods and goal progression.

Constantly work on goals, big and small. Change what holds us back, stop the past hurting the present and risking the future. Gain control. Learn influencing skills whilst staying a nice person. It’s a must for those wanting the best results with others. Do you want to be and feel your best?

Fascinating learning and a variety of  techniques for self mastery.


It is relaxed and  fun learning with personal progression throughout. Don't blame NLP for positively transforming you and how you perform in life!

£120 per day inc. lunch and refreshments.

This is a 15 day program with certification and celebration day included.

Manchester Venue