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Check out some of the upcoming events that I am running below. Please get in touch for bookings: 


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Wednesday 10th March 2021

Talk Support 7pm to 9pm

A talking online circle for women guided by behavioural and emotional specialists. Inspired by the proven  principles of the Mentell organisation.

Ladies talk in a non judgemental safe space.  Facilitated by skilled emotional & behavioural experts.

 Access to Zoom video calling is required.

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Saturday 27th February 2021

NLP Diploma 9.30am to 1pm

There are two sessions per month, developing the know how for personal change, goal achievement, coaching and therapy methods 


Powerful self discovery, developing influencing skills, understanding how we and others tick at a deeper level and achieving ongoing successes. 

 Access to Zoom video calling is required.

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Wednesday 24th March 2021

EFT Level 1 10am to 2pm

Introducing EFT for self working. 

EFT is a highly effective method for a wide range of issues from emotional, anxiety, reducing physical pain to exam success.

The first of two foundational sessions for those wanting to progress to become a practitioner. 

Access to Zoom is required.


Saturday     6th March 2021

NLP Taster 10am to 11.30am

An ideal opportunity to see and hear what others have found life changing in many ways. Understand how we actually operate. The power we have once we know to  manage our mind, emotions, reactions to people and events.


A  journey to personal excellence, self discovery. Make the changes so we achieve the success we want. 

 Access to Zoom video calling is required.

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Wednesday 31st March 2021

ER Skills    9am to 12.00pm

Learn how to self manage as well as guide others to better emotional states. Covid has cause serious emotional disturbance and damage to the mental health of many

From simple upset to overwhelming break down, we explore the safe methods to gain control and heal.


Access to Zoom video calling is required


Sunday 14th March 2020

NLP Master Day10am to 1pm

Developing superior understanding of communication and dynamic personal change. Enhancing skills and fine tuning successful behaviour.

Exploring how we can rewire the mind and change behaviour. Using influencing language at a subliminal level for success. 

 Access to Zoom video calling is required.


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