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Peace, Health,
Joy & Happiness

Health & Wellbeing

Without it what are we?

Companies realise it’s vital to the performance of its greatest resource.

Often people only turn to wellbeing when there is a problem. I used to be like that, but in my defence I was unaware of it and how I could take action. Now, even if I over work, suffer life’s unwanted episodes, I know what to do to get me back to good balance.


Workplaces now provide learning sessions as well as professional services. Everyone wins. The individual feels better as fast as is possible and the company avoids productivity issues.


Coaching Clinic Days (On-Site full or half days) 
Allocated confidential time with individuals for development coaching,  therapy, skills development (communication, negotiation, presenting, conflict management) whatever  enhances their performance and wellbeing. Aiming to resolve challenges before the need for sickness, resignations or tribunal action (also tribunal coaching for confident performances). 


Working One to One, meeting a variety of needs including

  • Coaching towards a goal

  • Resolve anxiety and stress issues

  • Communication and relationship solutions

  • Managing people and situations

  • Presenting, design content and dissolve anxieties

  • Conflict mediation and resolution

  • Negotiation skills coaching

  • Meeting and Interview coaching

  • Tribunal performance preparation

  • Personal development training

  • Covid and lockdown damage/issues

On Site Therapy

  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, other emotional states

  • Confidence issues

  • Physical pain

  • Overwhelm

  • Bullying issues

  • Not coping

  • Fear of the future anxieties

  • Performance issues

  • Out of office issues including grief, addiction, depression, fears, paranoia, illness and diagnosis, relationship issues, dating etc.

Simply, when we feel:

Anxious, stressed, frustrated, scared, lost, lacking in confidence, heartbroken, unloved, tearful, lonely, a failure, hungry when no need for food, trapped...


We have emotional or electrical disturbance. The aim is to return to balance, calm and being resourceful. Imagine what that would mean to have the skill to immediately dissolve troublesome feelings? We can target and change the emotion for a faster than expected result. It has to be experienced to be fully appreciated and believed.

Strong people cope cope cope and cope!

Eventually the strain becomes too much –ignore the warning signs at your peril.

I liked most the actual method and the fact that it can work on all areas on life. Also I don't need to understand why I have the problem              

DJ One to one client 

Examples of workplace training sessions

  • Mindfulness Plus

  • Workplace Therapy
    For emotional and performance issues

  • Managing Stress and Pressures

  • Sleep Mastery

  • Mastering Racing Mind Syndrome

  • Emotional Intelligence & Protection

  • Managing Loss and Bereavement

  • Prevention is Better Than Cure
    Avoiding ill health

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Managing Pain with Energy Therapy

  • EFT for the Workplace

  • Inner RePatterning

Do you take care of yourself? Do your loved ones?


HR departments are often the first stop when colleagues fall apart or break down. Some are now learning therapy methods to be able to help the individual in the moment, share coping strategies with the aim to quality recovery fast and avoid the need for time off.

I wish this was the case when I needed it. Instead I ended up at the doctors, broke down crying, was given sleeping tablets and a two week sick note. Too much time to think about the problems. When facing the return to work idea, because nothing in me had changed, I thought I was OK, but at the doctors became tearful again: another sick note. Then I had “restarting work anxiety.”

One to One Consultancy

  • On Site

  • Off site

  • Telephone/Zoom/Teams/Skype sessions

"Just recently I have had tremendous joint pain at night in my leg, and did not consider EFT until last night...the effect was instant, and I had a great night’s sleep – THANK YOU."  
AW – Attended EFT Training

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