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SHOO: The Destructive Demon Within

by Maureen Fearon

A thought provoking story surrounded by easy to apply concepts and methodology so we can tap into our inner resources for empowering choices. The content has helped many recover from mental health issues and improve their sense of self-worth. Building long lasting confidence, loving themselves in a safe way brings many successes and better life choices. People (some with toxic intention) use damaging language. This read explains how language can influence positively or negatively, so we can protect ourselves from the potential damage of others. A guide to having the most healthy, productive self-talk. Past events may have given us issues, caused damage and the good news is that sustainable recovery and letting go of past hurts is possible. This book aims to be the popular solution to many challenges and empower readers to design their best future. A valuable collection of concepts to make emotional changes and know how we can re-program how we think, feel and respond in situations. Whilst the metaphor in the story is focused on two types of shoes a young girl is given, the concept and detail can apply to males, females and all ages.

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