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The Secret That Is YOUR Potential

Personal Development

Workplace Workshops
Public Workshops

Most personal develop happens in the workplace. Individuals are the most important resource to an organisation and there are many areas for their progression and improving the company.
Here are some of the current training courses.

All ages are engaging in their personal development. Whether to resolve some issues, build skills or set and achieve goals. Parents , aunties and uncles are steering their loved ones to be their best. 

  • Mastering Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Building Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Dynamic Coaching and Mentoring Techniques

  • Setting and Achieving Goals with Workplace NLP

  • Understanding Personalities with MBTI Profiling

  • "Dramatic" Team Building Fun Time

  • Managing Difficult People

  • Building Corporate and Personal Resilience

  • Mastering Motivation Management

  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing

  • Developing Effective Leadership Abilities

  • Sharpening Appraisal Skills

  • Navigating Organisational Change Smoothly

  • Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

  • Excelling in Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Boosting Team Confidence and Support

  • Conducting Productive Meetings

  • Performing Motivational Appraisals

  • Building Successful Relationships

  • Effective Conflict Management

  • Expert Mediation Techniques

  • Developing Networking Skills

  • Mastering Interview Skills

  • Handling Abusive Communication

  • Influencing Skills for Conferences and Exhibitions



  • Make Sales Mastery Easy
  • NLP Influencing Skills
  • Building Winning Rapport
  • Networking Skills

  • Professional Flirting to Success

  • Sales Success With Communication Skills Not Scripts

  • Clearing The Blocks to Selling Success

  • Recover from Disappointment

Workshop Events include:​

  • Stop Self Doubt and Have Confidence

  • Confidence Mastery

  • Sleep Matters

  • NLP Diploma/Practitioner/Master Levels

  • How to be a Great Coach

  • Winning Interview Skills

  • Easy Fly - Dissolve the Fear of Flying

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Get Free from Guilt

  • Bereavement & Loss Recovery

  • The Secrets to Making People Laugh

  • Introducing EFT

  • Mindfulness Plus

  • Networking and Social Skills

  • Personality (MBTI) Profiling

  • Presenting and Public Speaking

  • Dealing with the Big C

  • Stress Management

  • Subliminal Influencing Skills

  • Weight Loss Made Easy

Relationships and Dating

  • Surviving Separation and Divorce

  • Building Better Relationships

  • Now to Find a Partner

  • How to Be a Love Magnet

  • Starting Again and Find Love

  • Internet Dating Skills

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We all have something to learn or remember to enhance our living life.

Ask your company to pay

Many workplaces encourage training and personal development. They may have a budget to fund your learning. It makes sense as the business will also benefit from you learning about behaviour, emotions and goal achieving.

Ask, you may be nicely surprised?

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