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Learning through

the Seasons of Life

Public Workshops

"Learning is the Passport to the Best Me & My Best Life"

If you are reading this you are probably "Life Clever" 

The wise learn, the rest bob through life not knowing they have more potential than they realise. That was me. "I wish someone had directed me to learn about personal development in my 20s"

Learning can be fascinating and fun too. It's a good idea to learn how to deal and recover from the challenges of life too. What could enhance your future?

Training Events (Manchester) 

Wonderfully, live events are back in action.

Checkout the events page for dates.

As well as NLP there are many other workshops from confidence, managing emotions, dissolving fears, dating skills to learning to master sleep. 

Events that are already full are not listed.

What would enhance your world and your future?

Work Life Balance


  • Health

  • Happiness

  • Fulfilment

  • Relationships

  • Everything!


  • Confidence

  • Stress

  • Unhelpful fears

  • Dissolving anxiety

  • influencing others

  • Making a good impression

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Being interesting

  • Understanding what makes others "tick"

  • Presenting and Public Speaking

  • Good Sleep 

  • Good relationships

  • Subliminal Influencing others

  • How to making others laugh

  • Good health

  • Weight management

Consider for a moment
Are you making the most of your potential?
Are you comfortable in all situations?

Can you calm the feathers when they get ruffled?
Are you good thinking on the spot?
Are you as confident as you would like?
Do some people get the better of you?
Would you like to be more influencing?

Can you say "I love me" comfortably?
Are you achieving life goals?
Are you enjoying the relationships around you?
Are you designing life?

Decide today to take action!
Your Future will love you!

Have you learnt how to make the best use of your brain, past experiences and achieve your potential?  There is always more to learn and issues to resolve.
Humans are fascinating,  we all have amazing potential and CAN change!


"You saying I have issues?!"

The reality is that we all do! 

  • Some issues are obvious 

  • Some issues are only obvious to others

  • Some are stealing the magic of life

  • Some are familiar toxic friends

  • Some lay buried ready to pounce 

  • Some never come to the surface

  • ALL can be worked on!

Issues are so misunderstood.  In fact, it can be the most insulting thing you can say to a person – even if you are trying to help them, they may not thank you.

We all know someone who has issues, not wanting to recognise them and avoiding what can be done to resolve them and enhance their life. Sad isn't it?  Especially when we see young people bottling up so much. Let's encourage the clearing and reprogramming our systems. 

Covid time has fertilised many emotional systems. Bringing past unresolved emotions to the surface as well as generating lock down related issues from fear, anger, feeling powerless, depression, panic attacks and more. It is expected that mental health issues are going to be an even bigger problem, so it is wise to take action when needed as well as learning how to self manage in a safe and effective way. 

It's good to walk the talk and make the most of our human intelligence which sets us apart from the beasts, isn't it?

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