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Corporate Training

The Covid lockdown has done more damage than has been reported.  Imagine is as invisible damage. It has subtly made changes in the ways people are thinking, behaving and of course their mental health. The world was not prepared for this and effective, restorative action is needed before organisations are hit with the problem and the cost.

Prevention and Efficient Repairing

The Cost of Covid                                                                            The Benefits of Effective Intervention

 The Business                                                                                    The Individual

 £ Absenteeism and sickness costs                                                * Ease and stop suffering

 £ Absenteeism disruption, effect on others                                 * Avoid overwhelm, enable calm

 £ Performance and motivation issues                                           * Repair self doubt and confidence

 £ Increase in mistakes and consequences                                    * Feel valued and motivated

 £ Good people leaving and recruitment costs                             * Can perform well and prosper

 £ Increased risk of tribunal and legal action                                 * Positive influence on others

 £ More passive aggressive behaviour and bullying                     * Are easier to manage

 £ More strain on managers                                                            * Avoid absence and medication


Currently delivering Covid Damage awareness talks. Also Enabling managers with ways to manage specific situations, their people, especially if they are faced with emotional overwhelm (tears, anger, manic states etc.). Also there are subtle measures to positively influence and reassure employees.

Designing effective motivational training programs to make a difference. Whether improving

skills, performance, team-working, motivation, self-discovery, self-management, confidence, sessions are designed to the business needs as well as individuals. Connecting with all personality types and levels of experience, for a relaxed, non-judgemental, enjoyable learning experience.

Workplaces are wisely tuned into the business benefits of the best training to maximise ROI.  


​What is the workplace goal? What is the difference companies want to see? That's the starting point and events are designed to achieve those goals and time frames. 

  • Whether it's to reward employees with a good fun experience, improve performance, develop skills, team build or stress busting, you will be pleased you chose Maureen to design & deliver your courses. The testimonials page tell it as it is

  • Tailored to the business needs - e.g. managing others, customer service, improving sales, stress management,  team building, motivating, HR communication and much more

  • Tailored to the individuals too. We all learn differently and are at different stages of knowledge and are unique

  • All aspects of behavioural skills including: Leadership, Coaching, Motivational Appraisals, Confidence Building, Managing Conflict, Strategies for Challenging Behaviour, Knowing Me Knowing You, Team Working, Managing Meetings, Communication Excellence and many more

  • Stress, Sleep and Emotional Management:
    When things go wrong how we can get back on track to good health, wellbeing and maximum performance using the right methods


  • Utilising the most useful of behavioural knowledge including MBTI, NLP, EFT, CBT, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Inner RePatterning

  • Communication is key but most have not yet learned the finer aspects which can increase influencing and success as well as avoid and deal with conflict

  • All training is designed to be engaging, thought provoking and to make a difference

  • All Training has fun and is non judgemental so everyone can relax, feel free to take part or just listen and watch to get their maximum benefit

Fun Days

Fun, teambuilding as well as learning. Designed to meet specific workplace needs and individual preferences, after all not everyone enjoys gathering for talks meetings or training for many reasons.

Good News!

There is no pressure to perform. Even the most anxious can feel safe, relaxed, have fun and get more from sessions than they believed possible, (Techniques to relax and get into learning, resourceful states are taught). 

  • Performers can enjoy performing

  • Would be performers can have a go

  • Background supporters can contribute

  • Others can observe, relax and enjoy learning


Facilitation style results in  highly productive and memorable days. 

  • The resulting motivational buzz is priceless.

  • The day may be remembered and talked about for years, how beneficial is that?


"This approach to staff problems is really quite dynamic. Making it easy for staff to change and put into practice has many benefits including improved attendance, performance and managers having less staff issues to deal with as staff are self managing. In these challenging economic times this is the quality time effective methods we need for improved performances. Maureen is an energising, inspiring consultant and trainer, making all feel comfortable, even when they are dreading talking to someone about their issues. I would highly recommend Maureen and look forward to working with her again in the future."


Ginnie McCormack, Customer Service Manager

"Personally I enjoyed the day from start to finish, you are very easy to warm to and put everyone at ease. Lots of different techniques for people to pick and choose what works for them. Looking forward to working with you again"


Mandy Sheridan, Office Manager/HR

Individuals from Appraisal Training

Found it very beneficial, not the sort of course I was expecting so a very pleasant surprise


Greater understanding of how certain situations arise, alternative ways of dealing with them to achieve the results I want.


Thought Maureen was a very good trainer and presented the information in an interesting way which kept the attention of everybody for the whole session.


I found myself analysing what I want from life work etc. and looking into ways of improving my future… active rather than passive perhaps


It gave me some tools to address some confidence issues


Most useful: Recognising when not to dwell on issues and to move on.

She can’t be that happy all the time?

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