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Covid Time and NLP

It has been a pleasure to continue NLP learning through lockdown. As well as really valuable learning, it has been a great support,  a lens for clarity and always some laughter too. These testing times has been a great opportunity to put NLP learning into practice, set and achieve goals as well as make personal changes to enhance our experience of life. Instead of being sucked in by the quicksands of Covid times, learners have found positives and created successes large and small, some have even thrived.  The old adage “When life gives us lemons, let’s make lemonade”

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“Without NLP I wouldn’t have managed myself and others in productive ways”

“I wouldn’t have coped had it not been for the NLP learning, I am so grateful for the learning”

“I didn’t think on line training could be so good-its got me through the Covid challenges and I have been able to help my family and colleagues too”

“No only have I been able to manage my emotions, but the strategies in understanding what others need has been so valuable to me and my work”

“The lockdown stopped my business, my income! Because of NLP I have started a new business which I only dreamt of doing and am fast tracking to being established in my new career. Instead of dread I am choosing excitement as it feels much nicer and is taking me closer to success.”

NLP In Show Business

NLP is a combination of skills and learning that I wish I would have discovered much earlier in life. I now use these skills on a daily basis and try and gain the best outcome for each situation I come up against. Navigating the music industry is no easy task and I certainly experienced the high and lows, from negotiations, to campaigns, touring, finances etc it’s all a lot to take it when you primarily just want to be creative and make music.

If I knew then what I know now and had the ability to apply my NLP knowledge to the early stage of my music career it would have been a massive advantage when facing a wide range of industry obstacles. Even down to something a simple how to deal with pre show nerves. NLP is like having a mental and emotional tool kit to hand to help you elevate any given situation in the moment and execute it with confidence. Sometimes words do not even do the learning and outcome any justice, it’s something you have to experience for yourself    JAMES

The Study of Human Excellence

 Simply, NLP is often referred to as the operators manual for a human being. How to get the best results, the ways to improve,  change what doesn't work. For me it is a strategy and set of tools for designing our futures, no matter what has happened to us in the past. We can learn how to make positive changes in our thinking, feelings and behaviour, influence others, set and achieve goals (both career and personally.) 

NLP has transformed world leaders, sports champions and corporate leaders. It’s widely used by organisations to develop their people, manage change and build their most successful business. NLP is dynamic in self-discovery, improving relationships, self-management and providing benefits to the individual (as well as the workplace,) No wonder NLP is so well regarded.

Reasons people decide to learn NLP

  • Understand how my mind works and how others “tick”

  • Make life changes

  • How to influence others and situations to win

  • Have control and “personal power” to do what’s best for me

  • Enjoy better relationships with the people around me

  • Be a better communicator in any situation

  • Understand my blocks and issues which may have held/are holding me back

  • Be more useful helping and influencing those I love and care about

  • Stop events of the past dictating unwanted aspects of the present and my future

It was life changing for me and I will be forever grateful that I stumbled across it and made the investment. I now am thrilled to share the learning and hearing what a difference it has made to those I  have taught is a constant joy to hear.  Says Maureen Fearon

“NLP is to winning communication as oxygen is to water!! Essential!”

Jackie Weaver

We cover these fascinating aspects: 

  • How to plan and model the excellence of others to create successes

  • Understanding others more and having more choice in challenging situations

  • Learn the skills and strategies of top negotiators & winners so I gain/win more

  • Maximise my potential and gain a competitive edge.

  • Master language: How to achieve clarity, precision, influence & success.

  • Understand subliminal influencing

  • Influencing skills to get what I want (that would be good wouldn’t it J)

  • Create instant motivation and confidence

  • Understanding human issues

  • Removing: fears,  hidden blocks, issues preventing my success and harmony


Think for a moment.
What would you like to change about life? 
Think about where you are uncomfortable - would you like to be comfortable?

Would you like to make a start on your dream future?

Real life examples of what can change

  • Not only did I switch jobs, I negotiated more salary than I thought they would pay! It has more than paid for itself!

  • You are so right! Hypnotic manipulation is everywhere! I feel protected now!

  • In meetings I have gone from anxious to influence! I really like it too!

  • I used NLP to plan the speech. I felt comfortable and it was received better than I expected.

  • I’ve increased confidence thanks to techniques & strategies in situations. 

  • Life has changed - all for the good & my future feels exciting

  • I’m amazed so few people know the basics. No one has noticed the differences - it feels dramatic to me

Hear what others say & what NLP now means to them
The 5 Day Diploma
9 sessions on Zoom
"It was life changing for me
The learning is forever useful
You deserve the best"
Says Maureen

Book Your Place Now
You will be glad you did!

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