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Effects of a Break In

Say Goodbye to the shock, devastation and effects fast!

Have you ever experienced your home being broken into? Sadly for those who may answer yes, or yes many times, then you will know how awful it feels.

Finding some discarded items in my driveway, belonging to a neighbour and hearing of children being upset got me thinking. In my work some experience trauma when their home has been broken in, or their car or even workplace and it has affected them in ways they didn’t expect.

It is common to feel some or all of the following: ·

  • Shock

  • Sickness

  • Shaky

  • Violated

  • Personally attacked

  • Anxious ·

  • Jumpy

  • Fearful

  • Imagining seeing things

  • Paranoid

  • Racing mind

  • Not able to sleep well

  • More aware of the potential dangers everywhere

As we know fear is part of our fight, flight or freeze mechanism to keep us safe. But we have developed the ability to create unnecessary fear which can disable our thinking, create anxieties, bad sleep and nightmares, contribute to mental health issues, affect our confidence and our taking in part of life. Sounds dramatic but it is how it is for so many. Many of my adult clients are unaware of the damage caused by incidents like this, as the effects can continue occurring months even years after the event.

Luckily there are methods which we can apply to undo the emotional damage, and fast. Who wants to suffer more than they need to? I highly recommend the following:

There is the growing in popularity EFT methods – which directly target the emotion for instant and continued relief.

NLP methods, similar in the aims of EFT, addressing and changing the emotions

Hypnosis- accessing the unconscious programming system via trance

It is bad enough that someone invades our space, let alone continue to invade our mind and emotional system. We have the power over what happens to our mind and emotions. Break ins can be an inert event in the past, with no negative effect on us.

I wish I had known that the first time my home was broken into. It made me a victim. Luckily that damage has been repaired and I have the knowhow to deal with any unwanted emotions. Anyone can, its about learning and making choices., It is so fulfilling to help others emotionally recover and fast!

Lets not suffer any more than we need to! Spread the word...

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