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Covid and Lockdown Damage

The Truth about Covid! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Why do people need truth? What happens when there is the absence of truth? It can be chaos! It can affect emotional health, confidence, create fears and influence behaviour in subtle and obvious ways.

Through Covid times the world has been presented with so much conflicting information and life changing new rules. Even the scientists are challenged in making sense of all that’s been going on. There is so much mis information that it is difficult to even attempt to work out what is true. Do you have high level specialist training in language skills, which can spot lies and know when there is missing information. If there is a bigger picture what might that be?

Most people expect honesty and are not natural nor trained to get to the truth. Many are not interested in a bigger picture or in learning specialist knowledge and there is no law that says you should be. The events and information sharing has been sophisticated with some brainwashing aspects resulting in varying beliefs and caused a list of unwanted, unhealthy behaviours and emotions. Remember, mental health is all about how we feel, our feelings are emotions. There is a SIGNIFICANT rise in mental health problems and the NHS services were struggling before the pandemic and it has been reported that waiting lists to see someone is even longer. When people need emotional health and are suffering, it can be mental torture and they need help ASAP!

We are a complex system and emotionally affected by:

· Disputes

· Bullying

· Family and relationship breakdown

· Discrimination

· Fear

· Anger

· Confusion

· Uncertainty

· Frustration

· Sense of doom

· Disempowerment (our freedom has been taken away in lockdown in various ways)

· Sense of hopelessness (are we over the worst with Covid? ) (will there be vaccination consequences?)

· Depression

And more! Many have been in overdrive in “Covid Times.” How many have you witnessed or experienced? Can you spot examples and clues of how others have been affected?

In the UK there have been so much new information and reports proving what was previously declared to be false. From the origin or the virus, the effectiveness of the vaccine, the reasons for certain travel journeys to whether an illegal party has taken place.

What is truth? It’s not as easy as we may imagine.

How to Lie with Statistics, is a book by a US journalist named Darrell Huff. I used to believe that statistics were fact until I learnt how they can be cleverly manipulated to show what is not true? Should we all have to have statistical analysis training or should we be safe in believing our leaders and experts? Interpretation can be distorted to suggest something without being a lie but looked at from a differing angle can give a very differing meaning. Just like when someone gives you their perspective of an event, it doesn’t mean it happened in the way they are suggesting.

Isn't it true that we have statistics, clear lies, some truths and things that just don’t make sense.

But the truth I want to look at is the “hidden” damage, ways people have been affected and how we can start fixing it. I simply hate to see people suffering, worrying and making poor choices.

Clever words from a very wise man

As an emotional therapy specialist, I've seen the effects, people presenting with the following problems:

· Fear of returning to work

· Fear of seeing people and going out

· Feeling more nervous more often

· Loss of confidence

· Damaged self belief

· Irrational reacting from anger to panic

· Paranoia

· Mis-reading situations and behaviours from others

· Tearfulness, often uncontrollable tears causing awkward situations

· Not able to deal with or manage others

· Can’t face tasks such as home finances

· Not able to say no

· Feeling down with a sense of doom

· Worrying more than ever

· Eating and drinking too much and gaining weight

· And more

Thankfully even though there are big waiting lists to see someone in the NHS, private specialists are an option. In an ideal world we shouldn’t have to pay privately when we have and support the NHS, but that’s not how it is. If I have a physical injury, I want fixing ASAP and so call a private chiropractor or physio. It is worth the fee for the fastest fix as I don’t like pain and don’t like being held back from enjoying life.

But what is the difference in the varying services?

In very simple terms, there is talk based therapy and program / emotion targeted therapy.

Talk based explores the possible causes of the problem, maybe the whole history of the person. Some coping techniques may be learnt to use when the person experiences the problem in life. Talk based interventions include counselling, psychology, psychiatry and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

Program / Emotion Targeted Therapy works by targeting the programmed system and the emotion. A good specialist will pick up on the specific words as clues to what is good to change. I have had clients for example who are not able to precisely tell what the problem is. For example. “I just feel so overwhelmed” “Everything seems hopeless” “I don’t know why but I am tearful all the time”

"I have this constant anger/frustration"

"I cant make a simple decision!"

When the emotion and internal programs are targeted, there can be significant relief in the first session, and can sometimes resolved the problem, where the client feels good and cannot dredge up the negative feeling they experienced at the beginning of the session.

The main therapy types include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), MBIR (Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning), Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Some of the methods give you techniques you can use for coping, continued progress and in the future if life gives a slap.

Rightly or wrongly, it is best to find a recommended therapy specialist who gets quality results fast. Qualifications alone aren’t enough evidence to get the best results for you and those you care about. You deserve the best and to stop any suffering as soon as is possible in a quality, safe and caring way. The human system can make big changes fast and is re-programmable.

What is your plan? My personal plan is to “bounce back” to my feeling my best, no matter what happens. So as soon as I am not feeling how I want to be, or I am upset by events, I take action. Luckily because I am trained, I can self work, yet there are times when there might be a bigger upset, then I book in with one of my colleagues. We are human, life events can hurt us all, but we CAN heal and reprogram FAST depending on what we do. We have the choice to continue to suffer or not. Choice is better in no choice, isn’t it?


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